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Alex Sanchez

(1053 años)
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - MX
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  • Masculino (1053 años)
  • Idiomas: Espanhol - América Latina Neutro Espanhol - México


Espanhol - América Latina Neutro

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Espanhol - América Latina Neutro


Espanhol - América Latina Neutro

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Alex Sanchez has a nice voice for commercials, narrations, radio imaging and natural characters, he can go from warm and deep to loud and retail offers  a wide variety of tones and intentions, depending on your communication objectives. You need a custom demo? Feel free to contact him.


Alex has been doing voice over for major brands since 1989, from local to international market. Also, Alex worked in radio broadcasting for almost four years as the official voice and Artistic Director of 3 FM radio stations (1990 - 1994), later he was the official voice of the TV Station of Televisa in Monterrey (1994 - 1999). Since 1989, Alex has been doing a lot of voice over work: 


- Voice over auditions 

- Radio and TV spots 

- Documentaries 

- On hold recordings 

- Voice over acting 

- Narration for tales and poems 

- Messages for voice mails 

- And much more... 


Alex established his own recording facilities in 1993, which gives him a great advantage. Audiomania is more than the name of his recording studio, is the brand that is an obligated reference for advertising in Mexico. Audiomania has two fully equipped studios, so you can ask for some recording almost at any time. Also, he produces and directs other talents every day, and has the knowledge to produce, record, edit, and direct other talents... besides himself. 


Alex Sanchez and Audiomanía has a great reputation in Monterrey and Mexico because their professionalism and commitment with the advertisers satisfaction. Try him, you'll be totally satisfied.

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